Cigar Factory March 2018 Open House - Darktown Studios Solo Show
Thu 03/29/2018 - Thu 03/29/2018
707 North 4th Street


Join us at The Cigar Factory for our monthly Open House!
SEE YOU THERE - Darktown Studios Solo Exhibition

A debut retrospective of the combined and collaborative art of married artists Sarah and Lillie Brosky, otherwise known as Darktown Studios.

Classical art like you've never seen it before, cultural commentary art, B+W photography, painting, collage, lowbrow, psychedelic, street art, anatomy, and of course skulls. Lots of skulls.

- Live painting opening night.
- Chances to win original art and other freebies. (Free tickets at the event.)
- Opening night pop-up sale. Prints from $5 to archival giclees, small original art, artists sticker packs, posters, and more.
*- You can always find Darktown Studios and some of our art at The Alternative Gallery's open houses. The last Thursday of every month from 6-10pm. This time, we are grateful and honored to be featured in the main gallery with our first solo show. We hope to SEE YOU THERE!!
Opening Exhibition for the Open Submission Gallery
And as always, great vibes, drinks, and food!
VENDORS (1st Floor)
Lehigh Valley NORML

'NORML has been the most successful lobbying organization for marijuana reform policies since the 1970s. The Lehigh Valley chapter intends to expand the reach of this organization and promote the legalization of marijuana and responsible adult use.'

Darktown Studios
'Welcome to Art Studio of Lillie and Sarah Brosky. We are artists, art appreciators, art collectors (when we can afford to be), and collaborators. We started Darktown Studios a year ago and are learning as we go. We love to make this art and are looking for our place. If you like what you see, connect with us. Shape what we become by sharing what you like and what you think.'

- THE RE-SOURCE (1st floor)
Take a peak at The Alternative Gallery's retail store! The AG Re-Source offers an ever changing variety of new and used art supplies, Children's Crafts, as well as unique and vintage items you may not be able to find anywhere else.

The Re-Source also offers a variety of "inspirational materials" such as music, books, and DVDs to spark your creativity and a selection of growing items produced right inside the walls of the Cigar Factory Studios!

- INKHOUND PRESS (basement)
Inkhound Press is a communal print shop founded with the emergent printer in mind. We strive to keep the artistry of traditional printing alive by offering workshops, residencies and the use of our facilities to the local artist community.

You are invited and encouraged to explore the gallery and mingle with artists in their studios on the 1st & 4th floors!
The Cigar Factory is a unique artistic and creative outlet in the Lehigh Valley, featuring over 50 studio and workspaces for artists, musicians/bands, photographers, filmmakers, writers & more. Our community gallery space hosts dozens of events each month covering everything from stand-up comedy, dance performances, art exhibits, installations, screenings, workshops and other live performances.
Thursday March 29th 2018

6 - 10 PM

Cigar Factory
707 N. 4th St.
Allentown, PA