General Questions
Q: What's Cigar Factory Artist Studios ?
A: The Cigar Factory Artist Studios is an emerging artist community in Allentown, Pennsylvania’s art district. The site formerly belonged to the Bondy and Lederer Cigar Company, and consists of a 101,239 square-foot repurposed cigar factory on North 4th and Green Street. Today the building houses galleries, shops, and 45 artist studios

Q: How to rent a studio space ?
A: You can call us by (212) 317 - 1423 ext 216 or (646) 572 - 6416. Please take a look at available units only and register for an appointment of your prefered times. You can also click to call and reach the manager.

Q: Till what time will the building be open?

Q: What time do the artists usually come to work?
A:  The artists come in at different times. Some come in the morning at 6am, some in the afternoon at 1-2pm, and some stay late until 1am in the morning after arriving in the evening.

Q: How long has the Cigar Factory been around in Allentown?
A: The building at 707-715 North 4th Street has been around for over 100 years, first as a Cigar Factory, then as a center for artists and their work.