The Alternative Gallery: Concert at The Cigar Factory Artist Studios!
Wed 08/20/2014 - Wed 08/20/2014
No Fee


The Alternative Gallery presents a dam fine evening of music. Hosting for the evening Boston-based band, who work the dark edge of a genre-defying musical style (darkwave jazz? ethereal avant-rock? chamber art-pop?) Moving from haunting lullabies to intricately-woven mixed-meter rants to catharsis-inducing mini-epics, the band borrows pages out of the books of both Kate Bush and Alice Coltrane, suggesting a classical, organic, avant-jazz-oriented Cocteau Twins or a “white witch” counter to the haunting Diamanda Galas. Also joining them will be Bethlehem's own This Way to the Egress. We are so excited to bring together one of our favorite touring acts to of our most supportive artist community for our local friends and fans to enjoy!
Show starts promptly at 8:00.
$5 cover