The Alternative Gallery Presents: Open World Animation Fest 2018
Thu 07/12/2018 - Sun 07/15/2018
Suite 103, 707 N.4th Street


Open World Animation Fest 2018 is being held July 12-15:

Film Schedule
7 PM – Opening Night Screening
(2017 Retrospect, 2018 Preview & Special Screening)
7 PM – Animation Grab Bag #1 (90 minutes)
9 PM – Sci-Fi & Beyond (120 Minutes) 
10:30 AM – Saturday Morning Cartoons (90 minutes)
12:30 PM –  Animation Grab Bag #2 (120 minutes)
3 PM – Video Games As Animation (60 minutes)
5 PM – Animation Grab Bag #3 (90 minutes) 
7 PM – Animation Grab Bag #4 (90 minutes) 
9 PM – Beyond the Beyond (90 minutes) 
Noon – Lazy Toons Sunday (90 Minutes) 
2 PM – History of TV Animation At 24 Frames (60 Minutes)
3:30 PM – Animation Grab Bag #1 (90 Minutes) 
5:30 PM – O!PLA FOCUS ON POLAND (90 Minutes)
An All Access Pass grants entry into every block.
Opening Night is just $5! 
Day Passes are $10 Each.
  Individual Blocks are $5 Each and can only be purchased at the Door.
  All Passes can be picked up at the Door. 


Animation Grab Bag – A mixed batch of animated works that represent the full scope of the festival. Each block is different from the next and contains a selection of music videos, shorts, commercials, experimental works & more. 
Sci-Fi and Beyond – This collection of films delves into the unique ideas that Sci-Fi films tend to explore. As it goes it gets more bizarre.  
Saturday Morning Cartoons! – Family-friendly block jam-packed with modern & classic shorts & cartoons as well as retro commercials! This block features 16mm film projections. 
Video Games As Animation – Films inspired by gaming and video games as a form of animation. Be sure to checkout the Retro Arcade set-up for free play! 
Beyond the Beyond – Picking up where the Sci-Fi block left off, this block contains the most bizarre & off the wall films in the festival. Sure to take you to some very strange places! Consider this an R-Rated block. 
Lazy Toons Sunday – Designed for easy viewing and contains nothing but laid back and mellow films. It was programmed with the idea of kicking back and having a lazy Sunday. 
History of TV Animation At 24 Frames – Special Guest Curated block by filmmaker Ted Moehring. This block focuses on the history of TV animation pre-1970s and is assembled from 16mm prints.
  O!PLA Focus On Poland – A special block of Polish Animation in collaboration with the O!PLA Focus on Poland Film Festival. Contains the best of the 2018 festival.