Patrick Alan Shuck
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I have been a photographer and an artist since childhood. My uncle introduced me to darkroom development and my first camera was a German Voigtlander rangefinder (with the cloth bellows and all). There was always something extraordinary in capturing an image that connected me to a point in time, an emotion or place. I was, and still am inspired most by the quality of light and the richness of human expression. These resonate with something in my core. My early creative attempts grew into something more practical, expanding from photography into graphic design and marketing. Those skills, blending with over 10 years in the information technology world have given me a well rounded understanding of the needs of commercial creativity. But my passion is still photography as a reflection of humanity and the world around us.

As an outgrowth of this observance, I have sought to understand it's pulse. And how our humanity can either harmonize or disconnect us from the world around us. More personally, how I can be influential in a practical way with what I reflect back to those around me. I believe we all have a measure of responsibility to contribute to the sphere around us in whatever degree of influence is possible. I'm keenly concerned for the health of our society to become conscious of our closed loop world. To overcome our unconscious habits, gain empathetic understanding of one another and work toward strengthened communities.

My high minded ideals are contained in a humble and very flawed person, but that doesn't deter me from the quest to move forward, to understand better, to identify with places and people yet unrealized. My tools of communication, be it photography, writing or discourse are my vehicles to accomplish this and provide a small window into the worlds soul and my own.