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Ovlo is a band located in (The Queen City) Allentown, PA. Just like the Billy Joel song...you know, "where the factories are all closing down."
Research has shown that listening to Ovlo will increase the total amount of fun you have in your life by 53%.
An Ovlo is the proper name of a band of people.
Music arrives to your ears in sound waves. Those sound waves then vibrate your ear drum. Your ear sends the vibrations to your brain. Your brain turns the vibrations into music. It's this truly physical interaction that the people in Ovlo enjoy with one another.
From the music makers to the fans and from the fans to the music makers.
Research has shown that listening to Ovlo will make you 32% more attractive.
Citing such musical influences as System of a Down, Tool, Korn, Metallica, Faith No More and Lamb of God
they effectively bridge the gap between Alt-Metal and contemporary, radio-friendly Hard Rock.
Research has shown that listening to Ovlo will make your car go 53.2 mph faster.
If you would like to link to the whole bio, or would like more, I can send you the actual file. Im attaching a song "Cassidy" from our Full Length Cd "The Difference Between Excuse And Reason", slated for release the end of August. Also attached is one of our pictures, you can find plenty more at www.ovlo.net.
You can link to Ovlo here,