Michelle Lee
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My artistic path started as a child, but like many creatives, I focused on graphic design for a career. I was a business owner. An entrepreneur. A mom and mid-life what-am-I doing wonder. Then in 2015 I changed direction and went back to the basics, now dedicated to creating art that speaks to the soul.

As an artist, my joy comes from stimulating emotion, whether it stems from a human bond or those found in nature. Deepening communication through a wild palette of mediums and color, contrasts and connections. I typically start from my own emotional and tactile reaction to a subject, then delve into drawing, painting, collage, jewelry or whatever medium best suits that flight of fancy.

Currently experimenting and exploring the link between nature, spirituality and sensuality; the impact of friendship, love, awe; the passion of dance, music, sex, abandon…my work includes nudes, nature scenes, landscapes, whimsical creations of “what if” and other bohemian delight.