Jason Brown

Medium: Multimedia.
Studio #: 707-113

Jason Brown is an artist, podcaster and yoga coach operatin...

Susan E Dalius

Studio #: 707-106


Michelle Lee

Studio #: 707-413

ARTIST STATEMENT: brMy artistic path started as a child, ...

Jamey Holben

Studio #: 707-F9

Ovlo is a band located in (The Queen City) Allentown, PA. J...

Peter Italiano

Studio #: 707-124

Peter Italiano is a photographer operating out of the Cigar...

Philip Jackson

Studio #: 707-114

Philip Jackson is a photographer working out of Studio 114 ...

Daneene Jensen

Studio #: 707-110

Daneene Jensen is a make up artist currently operating out ...

Prevailed Studios

Studio #: 707-416

Prevailed Studios is a multi-media company that produces hi...

James Moffat

Studio #: 707-405

James Moffat is a photographer operating out of Studio 405 ...

Pearl Rosenberg

Studio #: 707-410


Patrick Alan Shuck

Studio #: 707-411

I have been a photographer and an artist since childhood. M...

Abbey Rosko and Emily Strong

Studio #: 707-116

Emily Strong Bio: brEmily Strong was born in Allentown, P...

The Alternative Gallery

Studio #: 707-103

Hours of OperationMonday: 12-7 PMTuesday – Saturday: 12 –...

Kelley Zahn

Studio #: 707-123

Kelly Zahn is a resident artist at the Cigar Factory Artist...

The Alternative Gallery Presents: CASTOR'S HOLLOW / HOME SEEKER / WIDOW'S WORK / + MORE TBA11/05/2019-11/05/2019
The Alternative Gallery Presents: THE BAD UPS / BUNCHAJERKS / HOUSTON AND THE DIRTY RATS / AS YEARS PASS11/03/2019-11/03/2019
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Metal Assault at Lehigh Valley 4 10/27/2019-10/27/2019
The Alternative Gallery Presents: STOP THE VIOLENCE MUSIC SHOWCASE10/21/2019-10/21/2019
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Metal Assault at Lehigh Valley III07/28/2018-07/28/2018
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Open World Animation Fest 201807/12/2018-07/15/2018
The Alternative Gallery Presents: The Joshua Raddock Memorial Show06/10/2018-06/10/2018
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Retro Arcade04/14/2018-04/14/2018
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Shy Boyz, Burt Murder, McGarnagle & dialknight.04/11/2018-04/11/2018
Cigar Factory March 2018 Open House - Darktown Studios Solo Show03/29/2018-03/29/2018
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Next Gen Networking03/14/2018-03/14/2018
Allentown Artsfest 2016!09/30/2016-10/02/2016
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Open World Animation Festival 03/25/2016-03/27/2016
February Open House + Illuminated Closing Reception02/25/2016-02/25/2016
The Cigar Factory Open House02/25/2016-02/25/2016
Alternative Gallery Presents: Those Manic Seas, Sing Bird of Prey, Summer Scouts and Wondertaker02/23/2016-02/23/2016
Alternative Gallery Presents: Slingshot Dakota and more! 12/28/2015-12/28/2015
Alternative Gallery - December Open House12/17/2015-12/17/2015
Mad Conductor Halloween Slashtacular tour 201510/28/2015-10/28/2015
September Last Thursday Open House at the Alternative Gallery09/24/2015-09/24/2015
Allentown Artsfest 201509/11/2015-09/13/2015
AG's Children's Summer Art Program 06/25/2015-08/29/2015
2nd Annual AG Community Block Party!07/11/2015-07/11/2015
Medusa's Disco + The Wildings06/27/2015-06/27/2015
AG 3 Year Anniversary: Throwback Wall Project06/16/2015-06/25/2015
Cigar Factory June Open House06/25/2015-06/25/2015
Tweed + Josh Klein + The Frequency Collage at the Alternative Gallery06/13/2015-06/13/2015
Pablove Shutterbugs Fall + Spring Exhibit - from the Alternative Gallery06/06/2015-06/06/2015
Children's Spring Art Program at the Alternative Gallery04/04/2015-05/30/2015
Hidden Characters 13 Year Anniversary - 5v5 Crew Battle05/30/2015-05/30/2015
May Open House @ Cigar Factory05/28/2015-05/28/2015
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Vile Creatures/Seer/Under the Clothesline05/18/2015-05/18/2015
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Social Medium Mothers Day Potluck 2015! 05/10/2015-05/10/2015
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Thin Lips/Sing, Bird of Prey/ tinmouth05/02/2015-05/02/2015
The Alternative Gallery Presents: April Open House @ Cigar Factory04/30/2015-04/30/2015
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Record Store Day Live!04/18/2015-04/19/2015
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Jeffrey Lewis & the Jrams + Billy Mack Collector + VoirVoir 04/10/2015-04/10/2015
Cigar Factory March Open House + Children’s Winter Semester Art Exhibit 03/26/2015-03/26/2015
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Jaggery + Summer Scouts + Josh Klein + The Wildings03/20/2015-03/20/2015
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Children's Winter Art Program01/07/2015-03/07/2015
Tape Swap Presents: Lewis & Clarke, VoirVoir, Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air @ The Alternative Gallery 02/28/2015-02/28/2015
The Cigar Factory: February LAST THURSDAY Open House 02/26/2015-02/26/2015
HERE THE THING: Hosted by: Andy Malafarina02/21/2015-02/21/2015
The Alternative Gallery Presents: LV LADYFEST 201501/31/2015-01/31/2015
The Cigar Factory: First Monthly Open House! 01/29/2015-01/29/2015
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Holiday Hangover Comedy Show01/09/2015-01/09/2015
Jay & Brian's Excellent Video Store and The Alternative Gallery invite you to: 1985: A Retro Spectacle! 12/31/2014-12/31/2014
The Alternative Gallery Presents: X-Mas H.A.M. 201412/14/2014-12/14/2014
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Winterdance feat. Explorers/Sing, Bird of Prey/Summer Scouts/Leveler12/12/2014-12/12/2014
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Noisegasm!11/28/2014-11/28/2014
Pigment: An Exploration of Experimental Photography 11/22/2014-11/22/2014
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Social Medium - Comedy Spotlight10/26/2014-10/26/2014
4AM In Thailand Presents: The October Jam!10/23/2014-10/23/2014
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Italiano De Fright!10/18/2014-10/18/2014
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Green Dreams + + Broski + Moonstruck10/11/2014-10/11/2014
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Comedy on the Lam10/10/2014-10/10/2014
4AM in Thailand Presents: The September Jam!09/25/2014-09/25/2014
Pennsylvania's Alternative Arts Festival: Allentown Arts Fest09/12/2014-09/14/2014
The Alternative Park Art Show08/22/2014-08/22/2014
The Alternative Gallery: Concert at The Cigar Factory Artist Studios! 08/20/2014-08/20/2014
FUSE Presents 3rd Thursdays at the Cigar Factory Artist Studios02/20/2014-02/20/2014
The Alternative Gallery Presents: Winter Fringe Party - Allentown Freak Out Fundraiser02/08/2014-02/08/2014
FUSE Presents: Third Thursdays in December12/19/2013-12/19/2013
FUSE Presents 3rd Thursdays at the Cigar Factory Artist Studios11/21/2013-11/21/2013
FUSE Presents 3rd Thursdays at the Cigar Factory Artist Studios10/17/2013-10/17/2013
Cigar Factory Artist Studios - COMING SOON03/06/2010-03/06/2010
Building Brochure
Cigar Factory Artists Brochure
Basement Concert VenueThe Basement Concert Venue at the Cigar Factory
Community GalleryCommunity Galleries and Events
Corner StudioCorner studio with two large windows and bright natural light
EntranceEntrance to the Cigar Factory Artist Studios
Studio with Bright Natural LightStudio with Bright Natural Light
The Hallways at The Cigar Factory Artist StudiosThe Hallways at The Cigar Factory Artist Studios
The Water Tower at Cigar FactoryThe Water Tower at Cigar Factory
Article - The Morning Call: Allentown Artsfest: Check out outsider, fringe, emerging artists09/27/2017
Article - The Morning Call: Rooftop Sessions a new way to see a concert 07/13/2017
Article - WFMZ: Allentown Cigar Factory Artists' Studios holds tour for City Officials09/21/2016
Article - Allentown's Cigar Factory: A Thriving Artist Community03/06/2016
Press Release - Lehigh Valley Happening: Painter Nina Boodhansingh Explores Texture/Color at The Cigar Factory09/30/2015
Article - Lehigh Valley Happening: The House of Metalworks Joins the Cigar Factory07/28/2015
Article - The Morning Call: Alternative Gallery Block Party07/09/2015
Article - The Morning Call: NIGHTCRAWLER: Ladyfest at The Alternative Gallery 02/01/2015
Article - The Morning Call: Day of the Pervert: Music and Body Paint collide by Ryan Kneller10/27/2014
Article - The Morning Call: An Alternative Arts Festival For Everyone by Tim Higgins09/10/2014
Article - Lehigh Valley Happening: 3 Day Allentown ArtsFest at Cedar Beach Park09/01/2014
Article - The Morning Call: Alternative Art Gallery gets OK for new uses08/20/2014
Article - WFMZ: Alternative Art Gallery wins Allentown zoning board appeal08/19/2014
Article - The Morning Call: Arts block party in Allentown07/16/2014
Article - WFMZ: Historys Headlines from Seegars to Artists Mecca02/25/2014
Article - The Elucidator - Winter 2013 Edition - Out and About - Photographs by Mike and Jamie Cabreza02/10/2014
Article - Artiholics.com - Allentown Local Artists Mix It Up 12/19/2013
Article - A Valley & Beyond: A Lot of Potential: 3rd Thursday11/20/2013
Article - A Valley & Beyond - Pictures of Third Thursday at the Cigar Factory Artist Studios November 201311/20/2013
Article - Senator Patrick Browne, State Senator, 16th District, Pennsylvania11/19/2013
Article - Representative Mike Schlossberg, 132nd Legislative District, House of Representatives11/19/2013
Article - Lehigh Valley Live.com: Former Allentown Cigar Factory transformed into Artist Studios11/19/2013
Article - The Morning Call: Lehigh Valley's Newspaper: Allentown tobacco factory becomes artists hub 11-19-201311/19/2013
Press Release - FUSE Exhibitions presents NOW at The Cigar Factory10/17/2013
Article - FUSE - NOW 3rd Thursday at The Cigar Factory09/03/2013
Article - FUSE08/26/2013
Article - Miyuni Mishizawa: "LOLLIPOP Gutai Influences" in Allentown, PA 08/26/2013
Article - Lehigh Valley: Japanese Artists in the Lehigh Valley pay Tribute to the Late Mentor.08/23/2013
Article - Lehigh Valley Live.com: Shozo Shimamoto inspired Work in Allentown08/23/2013
Article - FUSE - Lollippop Gutai Influences08/23/2013
Article - LVB.COM - Cigar Factory aims for November opening for Artist Lofts08/10/2012
Article - LVB.COM - Firm transforms old factory into New Artist Facility08/10/2012
Article - Morning Call - Could it be another SoHo?08/24/2008

Ribbon Cutting at The Cigar Factory Artist Studios

WFMZ Covers the Cigar Factory Artist Studios: History's Headlines: From Seegars to Artists Mecca.

Cigar Factory Artists Studios

Cigar Factory Being Transformed Into Space for Artists

Private Developer Planning Artist Studios in Allentown

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