Nat Mayer Shapiro: Revisited
Thu 03/18/2010 - Fri 04/30/2010
12:00 PM - 06:00 PM
521 W. 23rd Street. 2nd Fl.
No Fee


The Susan-Berko Conde Gallery/E. M. Berko Archive is pleased to present an exhibition of the works of the artist Nat Mayer Shapiro. > > Nat Mayer Shapiro's work comprises paintings on canvas and paper as well as sculptures and drawings. He incorporated structural and whimsical imagery through the perspective of abstraction. Looking to represent the idea of depth on the surface, Shapiro was fascinated by the idea of infinity, one of his iconic images being the canvas entitled 'The Universe." > > In the "Galaxy" series, Shapiro portrays a complex world from the perspective of joyous celebration. The "Kites" series reflects the artist's fascination with an image which floats and dances above and within the world. Among the influences that Shapiro attributed to his work are the musical structures of Bach and the playfulness and transparency of the paintings of Paul Klee. Shapiro wrote: " Art moves in all unimagined directions and leads to unsuspected dimensions. My art, which lacks definable parameters, seems to go outside myself. I am honestly unaware of its playful, positive nature as I am of its weight. And yet, (it is) there. In the end, art is as much a mystery to me as it is to others." > > This exhibition, which will be on view until April 30, 2010, is an opportunity to explore once again the works of Shapiro’s creativity.