Nelson Alvarez
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Nelson Alvarez is a Cuban Born NY based artists who focus his work in the impact of the industrialization in the landscape.

His work can be found on his Facebook page:  as well as his personal website: 

Artists Statement
 I am a Cuban born, New York-based artist; my work depicts the impact of rampant industrialization upon urban-landscapes. My images render and expose post-industrial ecological blight; as well as examine and focus on growing "post-manufacturing" environmental problems. Throughout my multimedia fusion approach to art making (which includes painting, drawing, photography, and optical installation), the paradoxical and contradictory coexistence of nature with industry (and industry with nature) is the primary-theme and focal aesthetic-concentration. I have an interest in creating work from an ecological environmental perspective results from my early environmental and social-activism in my native Cuba.
My body of work has the support in the environmental philosophy that is defend by Winona La Duke and other Native American environmental activists. My experience taking painting class with the artist Ted Victoria also plays an important role to utilizing optical instruments. My work explores the landscape as a memory of the future.  


Events Participated In

(05/03/2014 - 05/04/2014) The 11th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studios