Adi Kraus
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About myself 
I was born in Israel in 1970. 
My entire life I had a passion for art, in particular 3D art, that eventually led me to attempt a professional career involving artistic creation. 
In 1992 I started studying architecture at the Western Galilee College and graduated with distinction in 1995. 
Upon graduation I worked in the architectural firm of Ram Karmi in Tel Aviv, between the years 1995-1997, as an architectural designer. 
In 1997 I left Israel for a long journey to south east Asia, Australia & New Zealand, and came back 16 months later, more passionate for sculpture than ever. 
In 1999 I Moved to New York and started working for the Wank, Adam, Slavin Associates architectural firm, as an architectural designer. 
Living in New York increased my interest in sculpture due to the variety of art and art schools in the city. 
Since 2000 I have been taking sculpture courses at the Art Students League of New York.