Jose Gonzalez
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Growing up I never thought of expressing myself much, but I always had an overwhelming feeling to create. This feeling became more intense as I grew older but I never really understood, why as odd as that may seem. I’m not good with words and now I understand that this overwhelming feeling is my trying to express something that has been suppressed for some time. Being raised in South Yonkers I grew up with a rough crowd, hard times and a decaying environment. Tenament buildings, housing projects, abandoned lots all became a playground. Through the rough surface there still is a soft beautiful core, with beautiful resilient and resourceful people who manage to have a good time no matter how hard they have it. These circumstances force you “To Be Creative”; this I find to be inspiring. The mothers who walk to and from the supermarket with their kids, The father who managed to beat the odds and support his family no matter the temptations right outside his window. The graffiti on the walls, the wide variety of music heard through apartment windows and passing cars. I don’t limit myself to just one style because like my environment my creative energy is diverse, it changes. I always been fascinated by how quick the scenery changes from just a ride down Broadway. The ride from sleepy river towns like Hastings all the way down to Times Square is an experience. It is equally beautiful and ironic how much diversity, how much culture and how many different neighborhoods exist on this one road. People have told me that I have many styles and I say my art is a product of my environment.