Ginny Fox
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Ginny Fox is a Riverdale artist who has been a member of Soho20 Chelsea Gallery for the past twelve years. Her work has often stood between the lines of painting and sculpture.The most recent body of work combines color, surface and light within a geometric format.These paintings reference many different natural materials, yet the end result is a unique amalgamation. Fox has had many solo shows in New York and has exhibited in numerous group shows nationally .Her work has been reviewed in the NY Times, Abstract Art On Line, and Business Womens' Calendar.


Events Participated In

(05/03/2014 - 05/04/2014) The 11th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studios
(04/20/2013 - 04/21/2013) The 10th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studios
(04/21/2012 - 04/22/2012) The 9th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studios
(05/14/2011 - 05/15/2011) The 8th Annual YoHo Artists Spring Open Studios 2011
(04/17/2010 - 04/18/2010) The 7th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studio ~ featuring Earth Day exhibit, concerts & galleries
(04/18/2009 - 04/19/2009) The Grand Unveiling of the NEW YOHO Facade & 6th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studio THIS WEEKEND
(05/17/2008 - 05/18/2008) 5th Annual YOHO Open Artist Studio 2008
(04/21/2007 - 04/13/2007) Yoho Artist Studios 2007