General Questions
Q: What's YOHO ?
A: YoHo is a community for artists located at 540/578 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, NY. The name "YoHo" was derived from it's mission to be "Yonker's SoHo". It is also a source of affordable artist space with 25 minutes of NYC where like minded creative people can work with each other and a creative atmosphere is nurtured. Most of the artists hail from southern Westchester and the Bronx; this many of the open studios and goals try to further the arts in these areas and in Yonkers.

Q: Is electricity includeded in the rent?
A: Yes.

Q: The windows look old. Do we have plans to change the windows?
A: These are the original windows used by the Alexander Smith & Co,, Carpet Factory company and are in good shape. There is a plan to change them and possibilities are being studied at present.

Q: How many people work in the building?
A: 200+ people work in the building.

Q: Is YOHO COVID 19 Compliant?
A: Yes. YOHO is compliant with all NY State and Yonkers COVID 19 guidelines.

Q: How to rent a studio space ?
A: You can call us by(917) 682 - 5172 or (212) 317 - 1423 ext 601. Please take a look at available units only and register for an appointment of your prefered times. You can also click to call and reach the manager.

Q: How long have we had artists in the building?
A: 25+ years.

Q: Till what time will the building be open?
A: YOHO is open 24/7, however You will need to have a Key to access the building after 6pm.

Q: What is the security around the building?
A: We have security cameras and the building closes at 6pm – so no one can come in without the key. Tenants have their own keys. Police and First aid/emergency help is only 2 miles away.

Q: How many artists do we have in the building?
A: We have 75+ artists in the building, all have different styles of artwork.

Q: What time do the artists usually come to work?
A: The artists come in at different times. Some come in the morning at 6am, some in the afternoon at 1-2pm, and some stay late until 1am in the morning after arriving in the evening.

Q: How many different businesses do we have in the building?
A: We have 8 different businesses.

Q: How is the heating/cooling in the building?
A: We have good heating, no cooling systems at the moment. Each studio is individually heated during the winter season. High ceilings and the large spaces ensure good cooling in the summer season.