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Biography One:
Alexa Grace received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
She began illustrating for The Atlantic Monthly, Harpers,The Village Voice,  The New York Times, Vanity Fair, both Time and LIFE Magazines, Newsweek,  The Washington Post, The Detroit Free Press, L. A. Times, Mademoiselle, Dia Nappon Printing, etc
She has four published books
Un Journey de Chien, Hachette,Paris,
When Moma Retires, Knopf,
The Baby Book, Running Press,
Uncommon Wisdom, Ariel Books and is currently working on another children’s book for Gallimard, Paris.
Her porcelain work was first exhibited at The Graham Gallery along side Edward Gorey in 1976.
She had a one-woman exhibition at Shiseido's Ginza Art Space in Tokyo followed by  a group exhibition there of American Women Illustrators.
She was included in The John Michael Kolar Center of Surealist Art Exhibition.
She has lectured at the Rhode Island School of Design, the University of Kansas,  and have given an illustration workshop at The Walker Arts Center.
She was awarded a grant from Art Park, Buffalo, NY.
Biography Two:
Alexa Grace was born in a Monastery in Southern France  to a highly emotional brother and sister act who  became fed up and escaped the family circus business.
Many things happened, which she won’t go into but  ultimately landed her in an Upstate penitentiary at a very young age.
In the cell next to hers, was a man she (and everybody) called Uncle Jerry.
Uncle Jerry said he was an ARTIST and was missing an eye,  three fingers and some teeth to prove it…
He said he was tired of defending his aesthetics and was eventually thrown IN prison for making REALLY BAD art.
This statement made an impression on number 59207 (Ms Grace) realizing that making ART could take you places albeit some of them unexpected.
This would be OK too since life had become quite scheduled and very predictable..
Another turning point she mentioned were the long hours being held in the waiting room  to go up before the parole board and noticing and liking the illustrations in  You Are Here For a Reason Magazine, Life is Better (On The Inside) Magazine, Becoming a Priest or Rabbi, Does it Really Make a Difference? The last being a novel with inmate's doodles in it....
She also stated that she feels that solitary confinement is an important part of the whole process. 


Events Participated In

(05/03/2014 - 05/04/2014) The 11th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studios
(04/20/2013 - 04/21/2013) The 10th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studios
(04/21/2012 - 04/22/2012) The 9th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studios
(05/14/2011 - 05/15/2011) The 8th Annual YoHo Artists Spring Open Studios 2011