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My name is Jessie Matrullo, I am the sole proprietress of Bohemian Royalty, a company dedicated to bringing desirable Historical Style, into your life through curated collections of vintage clothing, accessories, and other coveted nonpareils to those who are versed and curious about this magnificent world of design in fashion.
My creative background was inspired by the many women who raised me. My mother and aunt, who are dedicated photojournalists; my grandmother, who wore vintage silk lingerie and Chinese embroidered robes as dresses; my other grandmothers who encouraged me to work zealously embellishing my life with humor and dignity while adorned in fantastical dress; and my other aunt, who is a painter, a dancer, and a designer of women's clothing from the 1960's.
I was born in San Francisco, raised in New York and Miami Beach. I grew up surrounded by collections of dolls from around the world, dressing my cats up in my mother's antique baby clothes while wearing lederhosen, Victorian blouses, and an occasional handmade purple silk velvet dress ( courtesy of mom ),  adorned with Mexican silver. As I danced barefoot in our yard full of tropical fauna, on an island, on Miami Beach, I imagined the costumes that would carry the dance. I carried a camera, mimicking great women with panache, capturing faces and characters in my mind's eye, that would inspire me until this day.
In short, I became infatuated with the observation and imitations of people and how they composed themselves. The theater of life, the clothing of the everyday man/woman became a study to me. This lead me to make my own, which in turn, encouraged my collection to grow and my studies in this theatre' to expand.
Some of my earliest memories...of being in my aunt's photo studio in N.Y.C., surrounded interesting people and beautiful women wearing the in vogue vintage military fashion of the time. My aunt had an extensive collection of antique props, accessories and clothing for the subjects she photographed. I became familiar with it all, as it was part of my existence. Old things are filled with life, that is why I adore them inherently.
I started collecting at the age of five, from daguerreotypes to clothing and dolls that were gifted to me by my grandparent's trips abroad. I studied Fine Art, and Theatre Arts, leaving college to work in the theater as a dresser, prop wrangler, and an actress.
I came to New York City in 1998 and began working as an assistant to designer Janet Russo, who was famous for her Party Dresses. From there, I worked in designing, sales and display with Medusa's Heirlooms, a company who specialized in vintage hair accessories and costume jewelry inspired by the classic designs of the past.
For a decade, I worked at many of the New York Vintage Clothing Shows, as well as the Vintage Fashion Expo in San Francisco. I have personally assisted Costumers and Designers, supplying Clothing and accessories for Fashion shoots, Films and Reality Shows since 2006.
Every garment has a history before I've acquired it and a story when I find it. I respect, cherish and share that story with each perspective buyer. The passion for the attractive textile is what moves me. My fervor to dress people in great garb and stimulating objects is the final celebration.
I hope to Style you soon. 
Jessie M.