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Hello! How are you? My name is Sky – owner and creator of Skygraphx! An independent clothing brand based in New York. I’ve been at this as a hobby since late 2007 and for the last couple of years it’s my full time job. I get to wake up everyday and do what I love.
Skygraphx began while Sky still attending the School of Visual Arts(SVA) set out to design an insane back tattoo. This would later be titled Skull Rorschach. The motive was to be his first tattoo and combine the most intense yet thought provoking imagery – hence the design combines skulls, spinal cords, fetus, chains and more. The design is also symmetrical like a traditional Rorschach ink test and has subliminal images within much like an actual Rorschach test. These images were unintentional to Sky and pointed out later on by fans and friends. Most noticeable are 2 separate snake heads in the middle of the artwork.
This design was presented to a class at SVA called Originality where it was suggested that it should be a t-shirt design. With this suggestion Sky went on to create 4 other -Rorschach-like” designs to start the original Skygraphx t-shirt line. The now famous Life, Liberty & Death design was included in the set and was later used as the album imagery for the band All Shall Perish’s 2008 album “Awaken the Dreamers”, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett stated in an issue of Rolling Stone that “Awaken the Dreamers” was one of his 25 favorite albums of the last decade.
Skygraphx has since grown from being only t-shirt designs to a full clothing line releasing new products every year including hoodies, gloves, thongs, ties and more. However unlike most clothing companies, almost all shirts are still designed by Sky and produced as inspiration comes. With this manner of working, Skygraphx releases new items in spurts and does not follow conventional seasonal releases.
To contact Sky like the Skygraphx Facebook page, follow him on Instagram, Twitter or send an email. I love to hear from everybody.
Very interesting to note – since being side tracked with making t-shirts, Sky has yet to get his first tattoo! New Years resolution maybe?
Thanks for reading.